2nd Year Maths Paper Scheme 2022 for All Punjab Boards

So Students usually find math subjects difficult because it requires practice so that students get a good idea of all the topics cover in the curriculum. The second-year math pair scheme 2022 made it easier for students to focus on the most important topics in the curriculum. Before the exams, the second-year pairing scheme is provided to the students so that they can guess the type of questions asked in the syllabus. 2nd Year Maths Paper Scheme 2022 for All Punjab Boards.

Q.1    MCQ’S SECTION:                                                     MARKS:20

1 1 2 5 5 1
2 2 4 6 6 3
3 3 4 7 7 2
4 4 4


SHORT QUESTIONS                 SECTION  -1                         Marks: 50


Attempt 8 out of 12

(Marks 16)


Attempt 8 out of 12

(Marks 16)


Attempt 9 out of 13

(Marks 18)

Chapter    No of Question Chapter    No.of  Question Chapter    No.of Question
1                          3 3                      10 4                       4
2                          9 5                       2 6                       4
7                       5


LONG QUESTION:(Attempt 3 out of 5)   SECTION – II                    Marks: 30


(5+5 Marks)

Chap-1            Chap-2

(A)                    (B)


(5+5 Marks)

Ex.3.6 -3.8               Chap- 5

(A)                          (B)


(5+5 Marks)

Ex.3.1 -3.5     Ex.4.1-4.3

(A)                 (B)


(5+5 Marks)

Ex.4.4 – 4.5             Ex.6.1-6.3

  1.                          (B)

(5+5 Marks)

Ex.6.4 – 6.9      Chap- 7
(A)                (B)

2nd Year Math Pairing Scheme 2022 Punjab Board

The candidates that are looking to get the 12th class maths paper scheme of the subject can get it from here. For the convenience of the students, a pairing scheme of the 2nd-year mathematics Punjab board has been provided on this platform.  So The preparation is according to the math pairing scheme 2022. And 2nd year the students can easily get a good score in the exam.

The Maths Pair Scheme 2nd Year 2022 offers to help students in their exams as it provides complete details about the paper pattern. But Exams consider a critical time for students. To score well they prepare and score as many points as possible. Therefore, candidates preparing for Class XII Annual Examinations are advised to prepare by considering Paper Scheme 2022 and covering Smart Slabs 2022.
As part of a maths subject, students can get a paper scheme for other subjects as well as a 12th class physics paper scheme, a 12th class biology paper scheme. And a 12th class chemistry paper scheme. Stay in touch with us for more information and to get the latest information. 2nd Year Maths Paper Scheme 2022 for All Punjab Boards.

12th Class maths Paper Scheme 2022 All Punjab Boards 2023

Remember that second year 12th class maths paper scheme 2023 Punjab Board changes every year. Paper is made every year according to the scheme. Therefore, this scheme is for the year 2022. We will update this page for the 2nd 12th Class maths Paper Scheme next year. Punjab Board Second Year 12th Class maths Paper Scheme.

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