ADP Project based Jobs in Punjab Government


The Arranging and Advancement Board, Administration of Punjab, is the chief arranging association at the commonplace level. It organizes and screens improvement projects and exercises of different branches of the common government. The office additionally readies a general Medium Term Improvement Structure (MTDF) of formative exercises in the area. The Medium Expression Advancement Structure sets out the formative exercises to be completed in the territory in different areas of the common economy. As such, the Arranging and Advancement Board is one of the fundamental entertainers in the development of the monetary capability of the area.

The order of the Arranging and Advancement Board incorporates arrangement of specialized help and coordination to different Government divisions in their arranging exercises. The division is additionally the fundamental government office working with unfamiliar benefactors in the area.


The fundamental goals of the division are as per the following:

Evaluation of the material and HR of the territory

Detailing of long and transient plans

Proposals concerning winning financial conditions, monetary strategies or measures

Assessment of such monetary issues as might be alluded to it for exhortation

Coordination of all financial exercises in the common government

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