Artificial Intelligence CS607-Assignment-Fall 2020

Questions No. 01                                                                            10 Marks  

You are required to write two rules one for input read and the second for input checking using CLIPS IDE.

Rule no 1:

In rule one, you are required to take input (subject name) from the user by displaying this message on the screen “Enter your subject”.

Rule no 2:

In the second rule, you are required to mention subject names “artificial intelligence”, “operating system” and “compiler construction” and check that your entered subject from the first rule matches with the mentioned subjects by displaying this message on the screen.

“Your entered subject is true”.

You are required to run the rule and display the output. Take screenshot of your CLIPS IDE and send otherwise your marks will be zero.

Question No. 2                          10 Marks                                                 

You are required to think about the associated genuine factors from regular day to day proceedings:

  1. Room temperature measured in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  2. A waiter tip depends upon a meal in the restaurant.
  3. News channel depends upon how much you are interested in watching it.
  4. A cricket ball’s speed is measured in kilometers per hour.
  5. The room light is estimated in what tone is on.

For each situation, propose a fuzzy variable relating to these genuine factors.

Solution with details

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