Check Edwardes College, Peshawar Merit Lists 2021

The University strives to provide its students with a comprehensive and high quality learning experience. The overall friendly environment of the university is conducive to the development of the abilities and skills of the students. The university believes in giving its students a hands-on research experience. University faculty members value students and encourage them to make the most of local and natural national resources. Students are encouraged and given a platform to share their research findings with the international community for the benefit of humanity.

The current site of the college campus is located in an attractive part of the city, within easy reach of the provincial museum and archives, railway station, airport and various other colleges. The main university site is a short distance away. The college has both a mosque and a Christian chapel. Edwards College is a co-educational institution and was one of the first colleges in Pakistan to admit women. There are currently only less than 200 female students in the college student population, and 10 female lecturers. This number is expected to increase.

“We are people of different countries, faiths and races who live in harmony and friendship. We work together and strive to learn the secret of friendship and peace. We hope our lives will be more productive. And this helper will further strengthen the province in which we live for the glory of God. “

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