Check Institute Of Management Sciences Peshawar Merit Lists 2021

The Institute of Management Sciences is a modern and business growth in business schools in Pakistan. IMS has proved to be a tough competition for Pakistan’s leading business schools. It is a unique and highly specialized institution in the Peshawar area that provides innovative instruction and rigorous training in management and business education.

There, students and teachers are provided with a variety of academic, co-curricular, extracurricular, social and cultural activities on campus that enhance their experience at IMS. Many educational events such as conferences, workshops, seminars, symposiums and international lectures are held at IMS to take students out of the classroom learning experience. IMS has a very comprehensive approach. In addition to academic excellence, they focus on their students’ personality development. Various courses and study programs aim to improve students’ communication skills. Teachers and students are encouraged to acquire advanced skills and productivity.

The University strives to provide its students with a comprehensive and high quality learning experience. The overall friendly environment of the university is conducive to the development of the abilities and skills of the students. The university believes in giving its students a hands-on research experience. University faculty members value students and encourage them to make the most of local and natural national resources. Students are encouraged and given a platform to share their research findings with the international community for the benefit of humanity.

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