FC Jobs May 2021 (Recruitment-2021 FC KP (North)

FC KPK is a force with a long triumphed victorious history of over a century. FC KPK is the first responder to any kind of terrorism / natural calamity from Broghil Pass in the North to Gomal River in the south. FC KPK is tactically deployed along the Pak-Afghan border covering a vast area of approximately 1300 km. FC KPK gives leverage and space to the Pak Army maintaining the law and order in the border and well as the tribal areas. Our troops are well prepared for any kind of challenge to protect the dignity and grace of the Nation.

FC assists the government and civil law enforcement agencies against the enemies of the state and aiding in maintaining the writ of the government in the tribal areas and settled districts as well. Being tactically deployed along the Pak-Afghan border, our troops collect and disseminate the border intelligence and provide early warning of any impending hostilities. Troops recruited are from FC KPK and local tribesmen, thus the force is composed of locals, thereby creating the spirit of patriotism in the far flung underdeveloped areas.

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