MGT502 – Organizational Behavior – Assignment-1 Solution.

 Students will learn about different sources of power
Learning Outcomes:
After attempting this assignment, the students will be able to:
 Distinguish between different sources of power
 Understand the use of various sources of power in practice
The Premise:
The performance of one of the biggest hospitals in the country i.e. “Care & Cure” came
under scrutiny in the recent pandemic. The hospital was unable to cope with the
catastrophic situation of Covid-19 arrangements including isolation wards and
emergency treatment of the patients.
During the investigation, the inquiry committee revealed the inability of the CEO to
understand the severity of the disease. It also highlighted the CEO’s hesitancy to take
action against the employees unwilling to perform their duties in high-risk wards. On the
recommendations of the committee, the CEO was found guilty.
Now, Dr Faisal has been appointed as CEO at Care & Cure hospital. He is one of the
leading epidemiologists in the country. Due to his experience related to pandemics, his
opinion is regarded. With his proficiency, he soon stamped his authority and influenced
key decisions. He also initiated disciplinary proceedings against the employees who
were unable to dispense their duties as per expectations. It resulted in the dismissal and
suspension of many employees.
In six months, the hospital not only established a 200-bed facility for COVID patients but
also ensured the availability of trained paramedics and physicians willing to serve.

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