Punjab Public Service Commission


  2. Directorate of Barani Livestock Production Research Institute, Kherimurat, Attock.
  3. Directorate of Poultry Research Institute, Rawalpindi.
  4. Directorate General (Prod.)

Punjab Domesticated animals and Dairy Improvement Board (PLDDB) is a non-benefit Association set up under Area 42 of the Organizations Law, 1984. The PLDDB has been intended to create Domesticated animals and Dairy area of the Punjab while encouraging little and huge ranchers underway, preparing and advertising with the most recent foundation and current cultivating advances to improve their animals’ hereditary qualities and milk/meat creation proportion. PLDDB is additionally intended to speed up private venture open doors in this area. The entire area will bring about destitution easing and financial development of the Punjab. The Board is being worked by 4 significant wings for example Homestead Creation and Arranging, Sustenance Asset The executives, Field Administration and Limit Building and Account and Admin.PLDDB has zeroed in on the up degree of over 90% little ranchers of the territory by giving specialized and in kind help according to their need, the ladies strengthening is another additional space of the board and the group is working intimately with the ladies working in Domesticated animals and Dairy Improvement the board. The Board has prepared around 600 ladies Domesticated animals Expansion Laborers (WLEWs) as expert coach to teach the provincial ladies with respect to great domesticated animals rehearses and better creature taking care of asset the executives. PLDDB is likewise in joint endeavor with Ladies Office of Business Bahawalpur Division to fortify the Southern Punjab animals ladies laborers. To synchronize the endeavors of the scholarly world with industry PLDDB has hold hands with College of Farming, Faisalabad College of Veterinary and Animal Science, F.C School College and different partners in their separate blend.

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