See Queen Mary College, Lahore Merit Lists 2021

The institute was named in honor of King George V of the United Kingdom. In the dialect, however, the school was called the “veil school” because the majority of female students were Muslims who wore the niqab. Queen Mary College was originally established in 1908 as Victoria May Girls’ High School. The school operated according to English public schools. The major administrative and teaching faculty consists of English women. Due to the commendable services rendered by the institution in the field of education, the institution was given the status of a college and was named Queen Mary College.

QMC, which started with just 11 students, entered its first batch and is currently home to more than 7,000 female students who are receiving premium education from the institution. The old QMC perception of “an institute for the elite class only” was removed when the institute opened its doors to all. The institute provides education from grade one to postgraduate. Therefore, the institute is divided into four sections namely Junior School, Senior School, College, and Post Graduate Section.

Admission to Queen Mary College Lahore is now one day and it will close on 05th August 2020 after which Queen Mary College will finalize the merit list, first college first merit list will be published and second and final and The final merit list will be published later and the final candidates will be selected through a complete process from the admission process and selection process of Queen Mary College Lahore. We are in touch with the management of Queen Mary College Lahore and will update you as soon as possible about your choices in the various college programs offered by Queen Mary College Lahore.

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