Telecom Foundation Admission

optical fiber, CCTV Tech, Institute of Professional training Islamabad


In November 1991, Telecom Establishment (TF) was set up under The Beneficent Enrichment Act, 1890, as a magnanimous trust and self-supporting lawful substance with a reasonable target to under take assortment of government assistance exercises to help resigned/serving representatives of PTCL, PTA, NTC, FAB and their auxiliaries. From that point forward, TF has been producing its pay from conveying quality telecom and other designing administrations natively from inside TF itself. As a component of its ordered government assistance, Telecom Establishment Educational System was set up during 1995 with the plan to grant quality schooling to the under favored and low pay family inside its commanded section. But at this point the running of reasonable sponsored TF Schools in 12 urban areas with more than 3000 youngsters the nation over, advantage both, the offspring of its commanded subjects just as overall population.

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