The National Highway Authority (NHA) Tenders 2021


The National Highway Authority (NHA) was made, in 1991, through an Act of the Parliament, for arranging, improvement, activity, fix and support of National Highways and Strategic Roads uncommonly depended to NHA by the Federal Government or by a Provincial Government or other position concerned. NHA is caretaker of 39 public thruways/motorways/turnpike/key courses having an absolute length of 12,131 kms. It is 4.6% of complete public street network for example 263,775 kms, in any case, it conveys 80% of business traffic and N-5 which is blood-line of Pakistan, conveys 65% of this heap in the country. Being caretaker of Highway resources of Pakistan’s street organization, NHA is resolved to give protected, current and productive transportation framework. As the foundation of Highway organization, National Highways capacities as the foundation of Pakistan’s transportation framework, assumes a significant part in the improvement of miniature and large scale economy and furthermore upgrades the public coordination by expanding the social and monetary reliance among the Provinces.

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