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Tender of migration of data center from old building to new E- Library building under the ICT project. Tender Last date is 16-02-2021 . Tender document will be open in Tender Opening Committee .

The College of Farming (UAF) is a public examination college in Faisalabad, Pakistan. UAF is the Most established and Pioneer Agribusiness Foundation in the South Asia. It is positioned fourth in Pakistan and first in the field of Horticulture and Veterinary Sciences by Advanced education Commission (Pakistan) (HEC) Positioning in 2019.[2][3] It was additionally positioned at No.127 in life Science and Agribusiness Science (Shanghai Positioning 2019). The employability positioning by Pakistan made this foundation exceptionally trustworthy. The college came among top 5 foundations of Pakistan in research power. Muhammad Ashraf is filling in as Bad habit Chancellor of the College.

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